Recommended Option

Option 5 - Reconfiguration & Height Increase

Following the comparative evaluation of the six options, Option 5 was identified as recommended

The Details 

  • Replaces industrial fill with residual material 
  • 3.68 million m3 increase in residual material capacity 
  • Height increase of 2.5 m 
  • Maintains current buffers 

Why is Option 5 Recommended?

  • A technically feasible design that provides for the additional capacity being sought through the EA. This will allow Terrapure to continue to support the growing local economy by providing disposal capacity for industrial residual material generated within Hamilton and the GTA
  • A lower height increase compared to Options 3 and 6, which can be screened through such measures as constructed berms, tree plantings, fencing, etc. 
  • A low potential for adverse effects to the natural environment which would be further minimized through the use of standard mitigation measures 
  • Maintains the existing stormwater management ponds 
  • A low potential  Based on its technical feasibility, low risk of net environmental impacts, and input from the community and stakeholders 
  • Maximizes the economic benefits to the City of Hamilton, Upper Stoney Creek, and local industry