Stoney Creek Regional Facility Closure Planning

Terrapure is required to prepare a closure plan when the SCRF has reached 90% of its approved capacity or two years of total remaining capacity (whichever comes first).  Closure and post-closure (or decommissioning of the SCRF will take place in accordance with the Ontario Regulation 232/98. 

Closure Planning Advisory Committee 

A Closure Planning Advisory Committee has been established to consult with stakeholders and residents to develop recommendations for a closure advisory plan that:  

  • Achieves a productive public end use of the subject lands
  • Returns subject lands to a natural condition
  • Provides sustainable end use providing social and recreational benefits to residents 

Types of Uses Under Consideration 

Post-closure use will need to reflect current City of Hamilton land use planning controls, which currently intends the site to become open space and/or recreational uses. Uses may include: 

Community Passive

Heritage Green Passive park 

  • Passive natural park 
  • Community floral gardens 
  • Native pollinator gardens 
  • Botanical gardens 
  • Bird sanctuary 
  • Community vegetable gardens 
  • Accessible hiking and walking trails 
  • Fauna observatories 
  • Raptor habitat 
  • Niagara Escarpment Interpretive Centre 

Community Recreational 

Braeben Golf Course, mississauga (photo credit:

  • Baseball diamonds 
  • Soccer pitches 
  • Rugby field 
  • Running track and ovals 
  • Bike pump track 
  • Ice-skating 
  • Cross-country skiing 
  • Toboggan hills 
  • Skateboard ramps 
  • Playground equipment 
  • Golf 

Community Entertainment 

Toronto Jazz Festival

  • Naturalized Concert or Theatrical Amphitheatre 
  • Occasional movie projection 
  • Community picnic grounds 
  • Community Pavilion 
  • Model plane and helicopter area 
  • Light free astronomy observation areas