Choosing the Preferred Option

The environmental assessment will consider effects during construction, operation, and closure of the Stoney Creek Regional Facility. All of the six options will be assessed and evaluated using a three step methodology:


The Preferred Option will be presented and discussed at the Public Open House # 2. 


Onsite Diversion

  • Once a recommended option has been identified, Terrapure will examine and evaluate the feasibility and viability of implementing an onsite diversion program. This will include the consideration and assessment of a reasonable number of ways in which to divert the types of waste materials received at the site.
  • The assessment of an onsite diversion program will be carried out in accordance with best management practices, in consideration of new and emerging technologies, and in recognition of the goals and expectations set forth in the Waste Free Ontario Act.

Climate Change Considerations 

  • In Step 2, Terrapure will consider climate change adaptation and mitigation
  • This includes identifying historical climate/meteorological trends and the potential for extreme weather events
  • Examples include power outages, physical damage, stormwater management and reduced access to the site