Proposed Changes to the Facility

Terrapure is seeking approval to increase the capacity for solid, nonhazardous industrial residual material at the SCRF by 3,680,000 m3. Currently, the SCRF is permitted to received both industrial fill and residual material. Terrapure only accepts material that cannot otherwise be reasonably diverted.

Currently, the SCRF is permitted to receive both industrial fill and residual material. Terrapure only accepts material that cannot otherwise be reasonably diverted.

Preferred Option 5: Reconfiguration & Height Increase

Conceptual Footprints_v7-Option 5.png
  • Replaces industrial fill with residual material 
  • An additional 3.68 million m3 of residual material 
  • Height increase of approximately 2.5 m 
  • Maintains current buffer areas

Why is Option 5 Preferred? 

  • Technically feasible design
  • Meets the proposed capacity increase being sought through the EA 
  • Height Increase can be screened through constructed berms, tree plantings, fencing, etc. 
  • Effects to the natural environment and surrounding community can be minimized by impact management measures 
  • May provide an additional $14 million in funding to the Heritage Green Community Trust and the City of Hamilton Royalty Fee Program 


Since Open House #2, Terrapure has... 

  • Confirmed the Preferred Option taking into consideration feedback from members of the community, agencies, and Indigenous groups 
  • Carried out additional technical work to refine the design and specifications of the proposed capacity increase 
  • Completed the environmental studies to confirm impacts and develop impact management measures and monitoring plans 

Today Terrapure is.. 

  • Presenting the results of the impact assessment of the Preferred Option 

Highlights of Community Feedback 

Highlights of Feedback-01.jpg


  • Present Technical Information in Public-Friendly Way: Terrapure is making efforts to increase the level of understanding for this EA. We have  recently released two videos, one on current operations and the other on environmental controls as well as a new drone video with visual details of the proposed capacity increase 
  • Concern with the Views of the SCRF: We are looking for your feedback on the screening techniques being considered for the proposed capacity increase
  • Regularly Update Maps & Figures: Terrapure is taking measures to ensure maps and figures are regularly updated to reflect the most up-to-date information in our reports, including the latest road networks
  • Consider Revising Rank for “Effect of Views” Criteria: Terrapure has modified the comparative evaluation for the “Effect of Views of the Facility” for Option 5 from yellow (low negative net effect) to orange (medium negative net effect)
  • Opposition to Any of the Expansion Options: The purpose of the undertaking, to assess the various ways of increasing the capacity for residual materials at the SCRF, was established in the Minister-approved Terms of Reference. This capacity increase is based on a need for continued disposal capacity for industrial residual material generated within Hamilton and the Greater Toronto Area.
  • Consider No Height Increase: We understand the community’s concerns around height and we will implement impact management measures to minimize the visibility of the SCRF. The preferred option has a lowest height increase of all the options.