Impact Assessment of Preferred Option

Cumulative Effects

  • Terrapure completed a cumulative effects assessment as part of the SCRF EA using an accepted methodology, typically utilized for a Federal EA 
  • Cumulative effects are those likely to result from the proposed capacity increase in combination with other projects or activities that have been or will be carried out by proponents (i.e., residential development and road works) other than Terrapure which are reasonably foreseeable
  • Based on the implementation of impact management measures proposed for the SCRF, it was determined that the proposed capacity increase in conjunction with other projects in the area, is not likely to cause significant adverse cumulative environmental effects

Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation 

Terrapure has completed an analysis of the proposed capacity increase from a climate change adaptation and mitigation perspective. The preferred option is not anticipated to have an effect on climate change. However, Terrapure is committed to:  

Reducing our carbon impact including:  

  • Anti-idling policy 
  • Where possible use materials that have a lower carbon footprint and that have a long lifespan
  • Minimize the size of the active landfill area
  • Replace vegetation that is removed and plant additional vegetation to create a carbon sink 

Implement adaptation measures including:

  • Choose vegetation known to withstand erosion and climate stressors such as extreme heat, drought tolerance, and flood resistance
  • Plant additional vegetation every five to ten years
  • Modify existing stormwater management ponds to account for 100-year storms