Impact Assessment of Preferred Option

Atmospheric Environment (Air Quality and Odour) 

  • A minor decrease in air quality off-site due to dust which will be mitigated
  • No off-site odours anticipated

Proposed Impact Management Measures, Monitoring, and Commitments 

Continue to implement existing Dust Management Measures

  • Water and sweep on-site roads to control road dust
  • Cover vehicles transporting waste to the SCRF to prevent odour and dust
  • Ensure vehicles pass through on-site wheel-wash to minimize dirt track-out from the SCRF
  • Limit vehicle speeds on on-site roads to minimize road dust
  • Use ongoing particulate monitoring so that daily vehicle traffic does not result in poor air quality levels 

 Implement Additional Dust Management Measures

  • Pave new and or moved on-site road
  • Restrict vehicle traffic near the buffer areas 

Continue to Implement Current Air Quality Monitoring Plan

  • Monitor air quality on-site by measuring airborne particulate PM10 (dust) and meteorological conditions 
  • Monitor and respond to dust and odour issues at the SCRF
Wheel Well wash

Wheel Well wash

road sweeper

road sweeper

Road Watering Truck

Road Watering Truck

Atmospheric Environment (Noise) 

Potential increase to off-site noise from the following, which will be minimized: 

  • Decrease in the separation distance between the landfill activities and adjacent residential properties to the north of the SCRF 

Proposed Impact Management Measures, Monitoring and Commitments  

  • Maintain existing noise barrier (berm, trees, etc.) to the north property line to reduce noise
    impacts, as required
  • Continue to complete semi-annual noise monitoring
  • Investigate the conditions and/or sources contributing to any noise complaints
On-site weather and dust monitors 

On-site weather and dust monitors 

berm for noise and visual screening 

berm for noise and visual screening 

Human Health 

  • No impact anticipated from leachate, groundwater, surface water, or soil
  • No impact anticipated from air quality (i.e., dust) with standard dust management measures

Proposed Impact Management Measures, Monitoring and Commitments

  • Implement additional dust management practices as needed 
  • Continue to conduct annual Community Health Review Assessments